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April Merrilee; MA, OTR

April Merrilee; MA, OTR After graduating summa cum laude from the Allied Health Department of the Medical School at the University of New Mexico, I began my career as an Occupational Therapist working in adult rehab services. When an opportunity arose 10 years ago to work in the public school system, I went without hesitation and discovered that young children are the ones I love to help the most. My first priority was to "keep everybody safe" in the therapy room, and I felt most comfortable teaching simple yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques.

I've been teaching yoga for 15 years and have completed four distinct yoga teacher training courses. Read More >
SMILY Kids Yoga Program - Book & 2 CD Set

Yoga Course Book & 2 CD Set
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"This is really fun!"
--Andrew, 8 years old

"I'm really good at the breathing"
--Joe, 4 years old

"My students in preschool
LOVE the program!"

--Marjorie Quine-Smith, MA, OTR,
Pediatric Occupational Therapist

      Kids Learn Yoga, LLC.
  S.M.I.L.Y. Yoga Program
                                     Yoga Course for Kids

S.M.I.L.Y. = Sensory Motor Integration & Learning with Yoga

Kids Yoga

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April Merrilee MA, OTR:

  • The SMILY Kids Yoga Program is designed to enhance learning and brain development by blending stories, songs, yoga postures, breathing and relaxation.
  • The Kids Yoga program offers 8 different SMILY yoga classes, (That's at least 80 yoga sessions already pre-planned for you to do with kids) each with its own set of lesson materials for 10 structured sessions.
  • Each kids yoga class begins with story telling which leads into a related song. The singing is combined with the yoga postures for a full sensory-motor experience.
  • Easily adapted yoga for children with Special Needs such as: Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, and ADHD .


Yoga Training

  • Add to your "therapy tool box" immediately: These yoga techniques are easily applied with children the very next work day.
  • Give school based therapists educationally relevant yoga strategies that relate directly to state benchmarks and objectives.
  • Bring evidence based practices into your school: the SMILY Kids Yoga Program has been successfully researched with positive findings. click here for results
  • Receive over 80 organized therapy, classroom, and preschool activity plans, all structured for easy use with children.
  • Help kids learn how to focus their attention: show children how to be calm and alert, ready to learn through yoga.

April Merrilee - Book Signing

"I have attended numerous workshops over a long career as an Occupational Therapist. I found this to be one of the very best for content, functional use, speaker presentation and audience reception. One therapist said it all by just saying 'WOW!'"

Suzanne Poirier, MS, OTR Occupational Therapy Supervisor EASi,

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